Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gmail Features

Hi everyone ... For a long time I did not write a novel . In this article you will talk about all the features of Gmail accounts . First, there is a very large capacity . Thanks to its capacity of 15GB photo , files , important documents , videos smoothly can keep forever in your Gmail account . Your Gmail account can be accessed from anywhere . Downloading and installing the Gmail app on your smartphone to your Gmail account from anywhere with an internet enter you can check your incoming email . Not only smart phones , tablet on your laptop or desktop you can access your Gmail account from your computer . My favorite aspect of the Gmail account can be customized tabs. Through this tab, the tab may also want to give up your inbox with special notes that can convert to a fun place . Also thanks to the special theme can add a very different feeling your inbox . Previously was limited to 35 themes are now available in an infinite number of themes and, if you upload photos from your computer, you can create your own theme by . One of the new features of Gmail accounts Hangout . I'm sure you will love this feature . Through Hangout video chat with multiple people at the same time you can. Also Hangout with friends and watch videos, share pictures, you can experience the fun moments with various photo effects . Another of the most important features when sending the e- mail is that you leaving your inbox . So you never shut your inbox from the kutunuzdayk E- mail to a friend can take . You can e-mail assigning you an e -mail if your inbox is open in the back if it comes to that you can see your incoming e-mail . Gmail account, which is an implementation of the Google search engine is very important for the search . It is very simple and easy to make calls from your Gmail account . The first letter of the person you are looking for in the Search button in your correspondence that you will see in the following box will be completed automatically . In this way, without losing any time you can select the contact you want to send e-mail and instant can check your email . Also search not only for people who can use it in e-mails .

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gmail Emails

Hi ... After a long time I'm here to provide a whole new article . In this article you will tell you how to organize your e-mails . As you know, send e-mail in Gmail at both fast and easy e -mailing tool. If you send e-mail frequently throughout the day , you are getting e-mails can arrange this by categorizing emails . You with the simplest method I 'll try to explain it . When you open a Gmail account, Gmail , we have to create a category . You'll notice when you open an account on the primary, social , divided into categories such as presentation emerges . If you'd like by adding a label you can create your own e -mail group . For example, incoming e -mails from friends friends create a label under the name into the label from your friends can add your e-mail . To add tags to the left of your page , click where it says more . Create a new label text below and click on Top After you create the new label by clicking on Enter the name you can create your label .

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Changing The Password

I've heard most of the time the Internet was stolen from my Gmail account. In a previous article that talked about how important the security of the password. Let's say you open your Gmail account with a password is very simple you read our article and would like to change your password. Be able to change your password. First, login to your Gmail account by typing your e-mail and password. Click the gear icon on the right side the "Settings" menu. Here the "Account palms", and "Change account settings tab. , The "Change Password" option that will be used first by clicking on it and then want to create a new password by typing the password, change your password.
Create Gmail Account

Send E-mail

You have opened a new e-mail account and e-mail account that you do not know how to send them e-mail recommend that you read this article on. Now e-mail first before you can login to your Gmail account by typing your e-mail address and password. Then, when you go to the home page Gmail e-mails from you will encounter. Click on it to read them. E-mail to create a red box in the upper left of the "E-mail the summer," he will see a box. Click in this box. A window will pop up that appears to create a new message. Enter your e-mail address of the person you are sending the message in the first box. Please provide your e-mail information about a child that is type in your e-mail. Passed down in an empty area of ​​a large and write your email. Blue box in the lower left corner "Send" to send email by clicking the button.
Create Gmail Account

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gmail Password

Hello, you're together again, a new article. This article will give you information about Gmail passwords. As you know, Gmail, e-mail sending tool. Apart from this, the e-mail comes to you and most importantly, a special section devoted to you the files you want to place the photos. This being the case Gmail is becoming your most private space. It is important to choose a strong password to protect your private space. So how do you choose the password you say we will help you. First, use short and simple passwords. For example, do not write your name, type your date of birth to the end. The first one that comes to mind that everyone Password that. One the other figures, such as those consisting of 123,456. This is a very simple access to your account passwords will be easy to find. Instead your password letters, numbers and! ^ '^% + (() =) / &%, And can not be solved such statements will be difficult to use a password.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gmail Account

Gmail used to be free, Google is a service offered by us. This article will tell you how to turn your Gmail account. In order to open a Gmail account, you need to find the name of gmail. To do this, you can type the name you want in the box that comes up. Writing the name should not use Turkish characters. If you want to choose the name that is being used by another user, and that you can be notified when Gmail will be asked to take a name other than the name. Name box, type the name that you can use under the preferences will appear. Here you can select if you wish. After the name of Gmail create a password. Classic, if you prefer not commonly used combination is the best. Because it can be played in your account. Once you have created your password can start using your Gmail account.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Gmail Login

Yourself by opening a Gmail account, Google's free e-mail service, you can take advantage of this offer. With Your Gmail you can make video calls to friends threw a free e-mail. We also make video calls without leaving the e-mail and e-mail you can send your inbox. Google's service is very easy to sign up for Gmail. After identifying the name and password for Gmail to fit yourself, sign up for a gmail and nervous speaking, you can enjoy the interview. Not only through the computer via your Gmail account can also use your mobile phone. If you have a mobile phone with a smart Google Play or the Apple App Store for free downloading from the use Gmail application.