Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gmail Emails

Hi ... After a long time I'm here to provide a whole new article . In this article you will tell you how to organize your e-mails . As you know, send e-mail in Gmail at both fast and easy e -mailing tool. If you send e-mail frequently throughout the day , you are getting e-mails can arrange this by categorizing emails . You with the simplest method I 'll try to explain it . When you open a Gmail account, Gmail , we have to create a category . You'll notice when you open an account on the primary, social , divided into categories such as presentation emerges . If you'd like by adding a label you can create your own e -mail group . For example, incoming e -mails from friends friends create a label under the name into the label from your friends can add your e-mail . To add tags to the left of your page , click where it says more . Create a new label text below and click on Top After you create the new label by clicking on Enter the name you can create your label .